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About Soul Stories

Welcome to beginning your journey to find out your soul story. Soul Stories facilitates the original Dolores Cannon method of hypnosis also known as QHHT and a newer modality of hypnosis called Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) catered for online clients across the world. 

Soul Stories is based in Melbourne, only 19km west of the Cbd, why not enquire about a session, I would love to hear from you.

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Prepare for your session



There are many ways you can prepare for your session that is helpful for you. 

Once you have booked your session you might like to try out a visualisation meditation (these are listed on the website). These help you to practice your imagination and visualisation, - some people see, some just know. 

Not everyone that has a session meditates and this is okay. 

This will be the time before your session that you are writing down the questions you want me to ask during your session. There is no limit of questions that you might bring, just make sure these are listed in their priority to you. We will go through your questions in the pre-session interview and talk them through. Some questions may not get answered if the session is getting too long, that's why we prioritise the most important ones. 

I always recommend setting your own intention to yourself for the outcome you want for your time in hypnosis.  This can simply be setting the intention that the session will give you the answers that you seek. 


What to expect from Qhht?



Quantum healing hypnosis technique is the original of its kind and has inspired many people to seek past life regressions all over the world. This technique stays true to the heart of Dolores Cannon and her teaching and practising method. QHHT is conducted in-person and this will take place at Soul Stories. 

With its 1-2 hour getting to know you interview you get to know your practitioner and this helps you to feel comfortable and ready for your session. It helps to get rid of those last-minute nerves you might be feeling. 

The session itself generally lasts about 2-2.5 hours and during the time of hypnosis, your session will be recorded and emailed to you later that same day - for healing benefits it is advisable that you relisten to your session more than once afterwards. 

It is not unusual for 1-3 lifetimes to be visited, however, your Higher Self takes you to where you need to go to show you what is necessary for you.

What to expect from BQH?

Beyond Quantum Healing hypnosis was created by Candace Craw-Goldman, Candace worked assisting the late Dolores Cannon in her QHHT teaching practise until 2014. She later developed her own method of hypnosis that can be used for online sessions, it too is just as successful in person. I use this technique as an alternative for clients who are unable to come for an in-person hypnosis session, as QHHT is strictly only permitted to be practised for in-person sessions.


Like QHHT, BQH takes the client on a journey of exploration through 'past' lives (sometimes current or future lives are visited) often visiting 1-3 lifetimes (if that's where and what your higher-self wants you to see. Some clients spend all of their session speaking with their higher-self or guides/councils/departed loved ones/other beings/angels, you name it - if it's meant to happen. 

Some clients spend time in healing if this is what is needed

"Wonder is the beginning of wisdom"


Meet your Quantum Healing practitioner

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Level two QHHT practitioner

and BQH practitioner

Kelly is a past life regression practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia. She works with clients in-person through facilitating Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique sessions, 

she also facilitates hypnosis online through the technique of Beyond Quantum Healing, as a certified practitioner.

Soul Stories was created in a calling to help as many people as she could through quantum healing hypnosis.


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