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About me

I'm so pleased that you found my website and i welcome you here!

I started on my hypnosis journey in 2019, i found that calling after my own awakening in 2017. It is my mission to help people to find themselves, to heal and to live their best lives. 
I love how hypnosis works through so many of our lives to heal the past and bring us to that point of walking the higher timeline of possibilities. 
For me quantum healing hypnosis has been the gateway for people to have that access to their own higher wisdom, to gain clarity in their lives and heal what no longer serves them. 

Things started to shift for me in my sessions during the healing component of the hypnosis in 2020 onwards, things started to shift up a gear where my own psychic abilities started to work more and more in sessions alongwith the guides and client's higher-self. I became tuned into the energy centres and the healing com