Beyond Quantum Healing 


Beyond Quantum Healing hypnosis was created by Candace Craw-Goldman, Candace worked assisting the late Dolores Cannon in her QHHT teaching practise until 2014. She later developed her own method of hypnosis that can be used for online sessions, it too is just as successful in person. I use this technique as an alternative for clients who are unable to come for an in-person hypnosis session, as QHHT is strictly only permitted to be practised for in-person sessions.

Like QHHT, BQH takes the client on a journey of exploration through 'past' lives (sometimes current or future lives are visited) often visiting 1-3 lifetimes (if that's where and what your higher-self wants you to see. Some clients spend all of their session speaking with their higher-self or guides/councils/departed loved ones/other beings/angels, you name it - if it's meant to happen. 

Some clients spend time in healing if this is what is needed

BQH sessions are a little bit shorter than QHHT sessions, making them super convenient, especially as they are conducted online. Your session will be recorded through our Zoom video call, and you will receive your session video that same day. All you need for an online hypnosis session is a quiet place you won't be disturbed, somewhere to lay down comfortably, a good internet connection, a laptop and a headpiece with microphone or earphones with mic piece inbuilt. 

On the day of your session, you will be emailed a Zoom video call invite that you can click on when your session is about to start (you don't need to have the Zoom app or have this downloaded on your computer), you are simply visiting for your session.

Online sessions are safe and effective. BQH sessions can be conducted in-person or online, if you would like an in-person session please mention this when booking. 

Session duration is anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hours, with a short 20-30 minute chat before your session starts.

When you book your session you will be asked to write a list of questions that you would like to be asked in your session, these are to be emailed to Kelly a few days before your booking. 

Session cost $272-

To be paid on booking of your session once a date and time are set for you.

To book a session send Kelly a message to arrange 


Many people after having one session are intrigued by the process and information they received in their BQH session. For clients who decide to book another session. Some people want to find out more of their story and revisiting allows for further exploration. 


Cancellation policy - If you are unable to attend your booking and cancel as soon as you can, we can reschedule your booking.  Refunds are not available - rescheduled appointment will be arranged for you. Refunds are at practitioner discretion.