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Group hypnosis

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A guide to your group hypnosis


Hello everyone, I hope you are well.

If you are going to join us as part of this group past life regression, or you might be considering joining. 

Let me inform you a little more about the process of the session.


What you will need –

Access to a device, internet connection, earphones or good sound through your device. I will be sending you a zoom invite before the session date. You don’t need to have a zoom account for this, just click on the link I send and make sure your browser is updated to support this. 

A quiet place to lay down or recline, lying on the couch is perfect! Sit if you feel more comfortable in a seated position. A pen and paper ready for when the session finishes, have this close by as we will chat a little about the experiences of the group. You don’t have to share if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. 


The session time together takes about 1 hour. We will spend about 1.5 hours together, as soon as the session finishes it will be pen to paper time, putting down everything you recall before its lost. 


The session:

This is not the method I use in my private hypnosis sessions, I work in a deeper state. I can’t do that with a group hypnosis, as I want you to be able to remember everything so you can write it down. 


This is intended to be a fun exercise, some people see past life scenes even during the visualization exercises and some wait until we are in the regression itself!


You’ll see what you’re supposed to see. If you like, you can put an intention out there to the universe before the session – perhaps something you’re wondering about, a condition you have, something that’s happened to you etc. Ultimately we leave it up to your higher-selves to show you what you need to see. 


Visualization is not difficult, it works as it would work when you ‘see’ a past event or memory in your mind, when you remember something. It works like that. 


Before I start the regression into a past life I will do some visualization exercises with the group. This shows how easy it is to visualize and opens you up ready for ‘seeing’ and experiencing. At the end of the visualizations I will ask if anyone wants to share what they saw.


Then I’ll move the group into the regression and it will begin


Thank you all,

Love Kelly!