Meet the team

My work in hypnosis ties in wonderfully with other modalities of spiritual work, so i've teamed up with two beautiful souls in the quest to help people to find their spiritual path. I'd like to introduce to you the the team. You will find their work entwined in our package deals where we work with clients to help guide them along their path of awakening, whilst always working from a place that is self-empowering to our clients and heart-centred. 

While Kelly is situated in Melbourne, Australia. Wendy and Elaine both live in England, UK. 

If you are interested working with Wendy and Elaine send us a message,

prices start at AUD$65-


Meet Elaine

Elane is our psychic medium, she is able to connect our clients to the spirit realm of their passed over loved ones, and is able to read a person in her readings. 
Elaine has connected to a level of meditation and connection that is enriching to her own life, she feels guided to assist others with their own journeying. 


Meet Wendy

Wendy is our resident card reader, she intuitively and insightfully reads tarot and angel cards for our clients. 
She is also adept at meditation practice, a dilligent and patient mentor.  Wendy has learned how to connect with her own guides and spirit team of higher beings, and she is ready to share guidance with others through her intuitive card readings.