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Would you like to join Soul Stories FREE hypnosis program?

In order for us to gather hypnosis information for writing a book, or even for getting important information out there for the collective via our youtube channel, we are looking for particpants who can sign up for a series of sessions. These are free to you, we just need your commitment of time. In return you will receive healing if thats what your higher self calls for, help to relieve blocks, move negative energy from the body & so on. You will also be able to submit a list of personal questions, these will be asked over the course of your sessions. 

What we ask is that participants submit their entries by mid June 2021, that you are over 18, have good internet connection, a pc or laptop, access to Zoom, earphones, a quiet place for your sessions and a clear, pure intent to help humanity. The information we are gathering from sessions is to be in service to others and help humanity. 

We ask that successful participants please not share the collectives information as this is part of the clause of free sessions with Soul Stories Hypnosis, we welcome and encourage you though to do whatever you wish with the personal information you recieve. All sessions will be conducted online. 

All we ask of you is an open mind to Quantum healing hypnosis, metaphysics and the spiritual.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Apply to be a hypnosis participant
Have you had Quantum healing hypnosis before?
Do you have any health concerns that you would like to explore in healing as part of this program?
Which of the timeframes can you commit to?
Sessions will be conducted weekly, fortnightly or monthly, which option interests you? Please note; sessions can last up to 3 hrs.
Any information that may not be used in a book may be alternatively used in sharing of information via my youtube channel, fb page or group. This information may help someone else. Any videos made will be of myself talking, not of your session. Do you agree to this?
Are you comfortable with having questions asked relating to soul history, earth, galactics, archons, vaccines, ET races?

Thanks for submitting!