A message from Mother earth

"It is with love and gratitude that I speak with you

Every being i love with the warm embrace of a mother,

every creature, every plant, every being, every soul

I have much to share with you

I connect to your hearts, and you to mine

I invite you and welcome you into my embrace

I wish to connect with you to share the wisdom i hold within my being and extend it to yours, to your heart space

The peaceful warrior that writes this into words will be the go-between for us,

she will take on the task of writing what i wish to gift to you as the keeper of knowledge, wisdom and love held within the planet that you know of as earth.

Connect with the Earth mother, that is I, and the vastness of my spirit

Allow an open mind and heart to receive my messages, and you will grow in your awareness of consciousness about the being that i am, and you are.

Knowing that just as the human collective grows in spirit, so do i.

We took on this journey together, you and i. It is a sharing of paths that merge and evolve as a whole.

My loving wisdom is to be shared, if you are ready to join with me".

Join us for a month of channellings for the month of March For just AUD$37 access the beautiful messages of mother earth for humanity at this time

I can't wait to see you there!

Kelly x

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