At my time of death- an account of the dying process

'Memories flashed before me like i had lived my life in that instance, in a moment. Like all of my experiences were happening at once, before me now. There was no real beginning or an end as it merged into a condensed picture reel that was called 'my life'. Leaving the body was like a pea popping out of its casing. Quick and speedy was the transition.

The leaving of the physical body, now obsolete yet still a symbol of who you were for those who mourn your leaving. A clinging to the physical, so often all they see of you now - a shell, an empty vessel that is grieved along with your spirit passing from it.

As the body withers away, the spirit is free and joyous in its reunion with who it is - it's true form. So much is misunderstood about dying.

It's like one dimension closes and another one opens for you. Stepping out of one reality for another. Like the switching of a light switch, a perceptual shift'.

I thank the being who brought through this account for me to share. This is a person close to me that passed who wished to help humanity in their perception of death, to aid the process for the living and dying.

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