In this session the client enters the scene at the fall of Atlantis, she found herself in early times of Atlantis, one of the earlier experiments that was called to an end. Jenny said that she knew this place was Atlantis but in the life she was revisiting it was known as another name.

J: I see a massive flood, almost like Niagara falls, it’s greater than Niagara falls the flood. It’s just washing across the land, I don’t know where the people have gone but I just see this massive flood.

K: Is there something that happened to cause that flood?

J: I can hear a rumble and a big earth quake. It’s like the earth got so angry, it just shook all of its anger out.

As it is Jenny's higher self that is recalling the lifetime in Atlantis she speaks of herself in the third person until she is settled into who she is as the male she speaks of/and is.

J: She looks different to what she looks like now, she’s male, brown hair, strong. She’s very peaceful, it seems she’s a teenager about 18 years old. Very close family ties, and loves to be on the sea, on a vessel on the sea. Like an explorer.

I can see he’s wearing nothing on his feet, he has bare feet and just a piece of cloth around his waist, like a short skirt. Being like a look out explorer on this vessel that’s operated by a sail, conducted by the wind.

I can hear drums playing and the water is really really blue.

It seems like a really happy time, exciting and happy.

K: Tell us what it looks like around you?

J: There is an island, in the middle of the island it looks like a big volcano, I don’t think its lava. It seems like this is a worship place because I can hear drums and there is a statue that we go to.

K: Tell me about the statue?

J: It’s like it is holding its arms up and its legs are crossed. We go and we give it gifts like fire, it’s like we have ceremony’s with the statue.

K: What does the statue represent to you and your people?

J: Like a god that we give gratitude to and we thank it for the land. We pray to it.

K: Does the statue or god have a name?

J: I can just see letters, I can see a ‘U’, a ‘T’, I don’t know what order they are in. It’s a different language, I can’t understand it. I keep hearing ‘the moon language’.

I ask her to tune in and the language will become more familiar to her now.<