In this session the client enters the scene at the fall of Atlantis, she found herself in early times of Atlantis, one of the earlier experiments that was called to an end. Jenny said that she knew this place was Atlantis but in the life she was revisiting it was known as another name.

J: I see a massive flood, almost like Niagara falls, it’s greater than Niagara falls the flood. It’s just washing across the land, I don’t know where the people have gone but I just see this massive flood.

K: Is there something that happened to cause that flood?

J: I can hear a rumble and a big earth quake. It’s like the earth got so angry, it just shook all of its anger out.

As it is Jenny's higher self that is recalling the lifetime in Atlantis she speaks of herself in the third person until she is settled into who she is as the male she speaks of/and is.

J: She looks different to what she looks like now, she’s male, brown hair, strong. She’s very peaceful, it seems she’s a teenager about 18 years old. Very close family ties, and loves to be on the sea, on a vessel on the sea. Like an explorer.

I can see he’s wearing nothing on his feet, he has bare feet and just a piece of cloth around his waist, like a short skirt. Being like a look out explorer on this vessel that’s operated by a sail, conducted by the wind.

I can hear drums playing and the water is really really blue.

It seems like a really happy time, exciting and happy.

K: Tell us what it looks like around you?

J: There is an island, in the middle of the island it looks like a big volcano, I don’t think its lava. It seems like this is a worship place because I can hear drums and there is a statue that we go to.

K: Tell me about the statue?

J: It’s like it is holding its arms up and its legs are crossed. We go and we give it gifts like fire, it’s like we have ceremony’s with the statue.

K: What does the statue represent to you and your people?

J: Like a god that we give gratitude to and we thank it for the land. We pray to it.

K: Does the statue or god have a name?

J: I can just see letters, I can see a ‘U’, a ‘T’, I don’t know what order they are in. It’s a different language, I can’t understand it. I keep hearing ‘the moon language’.

I ask her to tune in and the language will become more familiar to her now.

J: It’s symbols, it is the language we speak. It is more like sounds, it is vocal but I don’t recognize it.

K: So you speak a language here?

J: Yes.

K: I want you to concentrate on listening to someone there around you speaking now. Can you hear them in that language?

J: It almost sounds like a song, and there is instruments, it looks like a shell horn, and these different things mean different actions, it’s almost like an alert. I’m on guard, I need to protect my family.

K: Tune in now and tell us why you feel you need to protect them?

J: It feels like something is coming, it’s like when we play the shell it’s an alarm that everyone knows that there’s danger. Something is coming to the land, the people coming don’t look like our people. It looks like they are mixed with animals, and we have animals on our land as well but they are different.

K: Where are they coming from?

J: A different part of our planet. When I look at our place I see blue and turquoise, and there’s lot of triangles and spheres. But the people who are coming it is like the colours that surround them are like brown, red and black. When they come, the sky changes, the colour of the sky changes with them.

K: Why does the colour of the sky change when they come?

J: It’s in the energy, it’s part of their force, they have different energy. Lots of anger. It seems like where I live it is very peaceful and everyone is happy. There is no need to go searching, we are content with everything that is here.

K: Why did they come here?

J: Because they are trying to fill a void, they look at us and see what we have, they think if they have what we have they will be happy, or they’ll have power.

K: You said where you are from there are lots of triangles and spheres, tell me about that?

J: In the places that we live in, the buildings are triangular shaped. They are like different types of sparkly blue colours. There are more buildings that are like octagons, hexagons, ones that have 3 sides, 6, 8 sides. Each one serves a different purpose. They can create their own energy source, I can see a ray of light or energy that streams from them that goes up to the sky. All the 3 sided triangles are where people sleep.

K: You said about the energy going up, can you tell us what happens there with that energy and how it is generated?

J: In different times, almost like different times of the month energy streams from the different buildings and sometimes the energy comes from the buildings to the sky and sometimes the sky gives energy to the buildings. Sometimes all the buildings have the energy at the same time.

K: What is this energy used for?

J: A form of gratitude, a way of balancing things out. It’s a way of keeping us in direct contact with the higher elements. It is always there, we don’t really need to seek it out. It is done naturally with love, gratitude that is given both way. We send it to say thank you for this and it gets sent from above to say to us you’re doing a great job.

K: You said these buildings have different purposes, can you tell us about that?

J: The biggest one has got 12 sides, it seems that is the meeting place. It’s where miracles take place. Everyone from the community gathers there together, it’s like a serious gathering place. It’s not a church but a place where everyone comes once a month to do the same thing. To raise the energy, a meditation place.

K: Tell me about this meditation place?

J: Everyone sits in circles, there’s just one big circle, but its circles within circles. I hear the words ‘Initiation’. There’s a thrown at the end but I can’t see anyone sitting in it, but I see them bringing out that same statue I was looking at, they put that statue on the thrown. We’re chanting something, I can see as we chant it there is a really high energy that almost raises from the roof. Like a laser, it goes up and beyond. It’s after the chanting when we go silent that’s when the power happens. Like we get to a point where it’s so loud, that when people go silent something gets hold of all that sound and catches it and shoots it up.

K: Is this like that sending up of gratitude you mentioned before?

J: We’re sending up information of everything that’s going on, all at once.

K: Is this done consciously or unconsciously?

J: It is conscious, I don’t think we understand it, we just know that we have to do it. By doing it, it sorts out everything that’s going on with us. Anybody can come here to this place, we come here according to the moon cycle, on the full moon. We come here when the energy is strongest.

K: What does it look like inside of this building?

J: It looks like transparent walls, it looks like glass but it’s not glass. When you look at it you see rainbow prisms. Each panel is made up of little triangles, it is what creates all the amazing colours.

It’s too bright to look up to the ceiling, even when you come into it, it’s interesting that it’s on the moon cycle but I can’t see the night sky. It’s so light.

K: Tell me about another of the buildings that has a purpose?

J: I can see a tall building with 6 sides and a pointed top. All the buildings look similar with the glass, although it’s not glass and its rainbow prism. I just want to go inside.

K: Tell me what it’s like when you walk inside?

J: It’s like you get charged up.

K: What is this space used for?

J: When you walk inside there is a staircase that spirals and takes you to the top. There’s a slide at the top that brings you down. As you walk up you get more charged up and then at the top you slide down you just feel great.

K: Beautiful, would you like to experience what this feels like in this place?

J: Yes.

I leave Jenny here for a few minutes to experience this charging up of energy in this place and I return to ask her about what happened and how it felt.

J: When I walk in there’s different staircases I can take. It looks like a labyrinth of staircases. As you walk up your energy gets more drained to the point that when you get to the top you feel so dizzy and lightheaded. And then just before you’re about to slide down you get a piece of advice for the day. It’s like an energy reset. There are different ways you can then exit the building, there is a slide, a parachute or a flying fox. As you go through that process you get so charged up with energy again, if you’re not feeling too good it’s a way to go and clear and reset. I feel really excited after it.

It felt like a hard process, the closer you get to the top, the harder it is to get there, like the feeling of dragging your feet through the mud. Almost like the feeling of your oxygen levels being less, but the suddenly it’s like you’re reborn or experiencing a big spark of energy again.

Jenny received a message in this place that is personal to her so I won’t share that here.

She goes on to tell us more about this wonderful building that she has encountered in her session.

J: From the outside it looked like it was about three stories high, with the sphere on the top being like another story. But when you’re inside it’s like you become so hazy, you’re just following path without any real sense of where you are or how tall it is.

Anyone can visit here when they need that recharge, and when you’re inside you have no sense of others being around even if there are people there. That’s how everywhere feels on that island, things seem to appear as you need them and that includes people. So if you’re thinking of something they are suddenly there, and it’s because they were thinking of you too. It’s being in complete alignment.

This is only part of the story for Jenny and her time in Atlantis, she goes on to speak of many more buildings in her time there. She shares lots of ancient wisdom that I am very grateful to her for sharing with me so that I can share it with you.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed facilitating this beautiful session!



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