How to heal & move forward

When clients get to see themselves in sessions as their 'past' selves, they get to see where the blocks, traumas and unhealed aspects of themselves originated from.

I always think 'what a gift this is' to be given this information to be able to heal from those things, helping the client to move forward in their lives healed and whole.

Every session is so unique to the client, who is shown exactly what they needed to see, to be taken to the point that is relevant to their 'now'.

Imagine being in the place you are now, physically and emotionally, and those feelings that come along with an illness, injury, past or current hurt, a trauma that was experienced, an unknown fear or something that is unexplained.

So many people feel like this! and they don't know how to heal and move forward.

Sometimes we can feel so far removed from the help we need, because the help we need is all within us, we just don't know how to access it!

I have met many clients over the past few years that felt this way, they felt that they couldn't live their best life because there was something that needed to happen first. Or a feeling that they just couldn't get past this point they're at.

This was the knowing that something was in need of healing. It's not always a conscious thought, but the body knows. It feels it on a deep subconscious level.

That hurt is often residing inside of the body, manifesting as illness, injury or in a way trying to grab our attention. It's sometimes from this lifetime, and often I find its from 'past' lifetimes too.

I love how we get to heal ourselves in the now moment, all of those things that we've been carrying around, the unwanted baggage of hurt, shame, guilt, sadness, anger. We get the chance to heal now.

The body is a great tool to let us know what needs our attention.

We get messages through the body that we can choose to listen to, in order to heal and make changes in our life for the better.

I love to see my clients working through these traumas and blockages within the body as they work through the root cause of why they are there. It brings me so much happiness to see the emotional release of tears, realisations and breakthroughs!

And working with the higher realms, with the Archangels brings healing, along with the client's higher-self who work in unison to remove those blocks, allowing the client to take the next step in their life from a renewed and healed place. A starting place of love and purpose in their life.

What a gift hypnosis is in the quantum realm.

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