It all begins with birth

The client finds herself in the womb at the beginning of her Quantum healing hypnosis session. She is in her current incarnation and experiences herself as a growing baby in the womb of her mother.

This is how she describes her experience and sensation of being in the womb.

At the beginning of the session I cannot presume I know she is in the womb, so I need to ask questions to find out without leading my client with any presumption I have.

Client says: It's dark. I can't hear anything. Just muffling sounds. I can't see anything.

I feel safe, nobody knows that I'm here (she is referring to the early pregnancy).

I can't really move around, it's tight. It's wet.

I ask her "Do you feel like you have a body here?"

She says: Yes but not fully, it's limited.

I can only sense my hands. It feels warm here. It's just me.

Is there anything you can hear from this place?

She says: Muffling, I can't hear clearly.

I ask "where are these sounds coming from?"

She says: Outside of the space where I am.

I ask her "with your hands feel round you"

She says: It's just warm and soft.

I ask "are you aware of any other parts of your body?"

She says: Just my toes. I can't see them, I can only sense that they are there.

Tell me how this body feels I ask.

She says: A girl, very young.

Brand new!

I don't have my whole body yet.

I ask her how it feels where she is.

She says it feels familiar.

Have you been here before?

She says: Yes. Lots of times.

What is this place you are in I ask.

She says: Growing, I'm growing.

I'm here to grow.

I can't stay in here all the time.

I ask what she most likes about being in this space.

She says it feels safe.

I ask more about the space she is in.

She says: I don't need to eat and sometimes I hear music, it's nice.

I can feel parts in me come alive, feels like my cells are dancing!

This is just a small part of the session shared here, I hope you enjoy it. It's nice to hear of a birth process in a session as it comes full circle for us - the process of life, death and being reborn.

I will post the full session on my Youtube channel - Soul stories

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