Kundalini awakening & energy upgrades

When one is aware and in a state of peace, openness and universal oneness, we can access the divine codes and energy required to lift us to a state of high frequency. Being in the physical denseness of this reality even for beings who are vibrationally higher in their frequency states, sometimes need recharging. It is important for those of us who are sensitive, empathic and more open to the energies of those around us, to protect our energy and recharge. This is true of everyone, but sensitives can take more energy on that doesn't belong to them. This is true of empaths who have yet to harness their gifts in a sacred protective space.

This recharging is accessible to us in meditative states and is also gifted to us in the between sleeping and awake states of our consciousness - here we are more open and relaxed. Also known as the hypnagogic state. Here in this place you are more likely to be plugged in to your inner reality rather than the outer, with less constraints of the mental mind that take over during our waking hours. In the sleeping hours we are more heightened in our non-physical awareness and therefore more likely to experience our spiritual selves on a multidimensional level.


After my kundalini awakening I found that I was more receptive to this state of energy and the upgrades available to me in later months and years. What came were activations, DNA upgrades and transformative transmissions and a deeper awareness.

Kundalini awakening is the expanding of your consciousness, it is the energy unleashed that courses throughout your entire body like electricity is running through every cell, every nerve, every molecule that is you. It is an intensity that is pulsating through the body, bringing in higher awareness and a blissful connection with the divine.

Kundalini came in for me after a lot of inner work, and self-inquiry, I had spent time working on myself, working through my shadows and doing my forgiveness work. It was the next step of my awakening that was to open up to me that divine spark that connects us to a much bigger force. It was the most blissful state of being that can be imagined in this state of physicality. It is a letting go and merging with our inner selves, our true selves. It comes with the connection of knowing that we are not the physical, that we are more than what is this illusionary state of reality that is seen and experienced on a physical level. We have access to so much more!

Energy upgrades

Energy upgrades came naturally after the Kundalini - it felt like a natural progression, to keep the energy flowing and keep the chakras open and functioning to their highest potential. These upgrades not only helped me when I felt I was tapping into the collective's pain and suffering, sometimes taking on their pain as my own. But when I needed a boost, it came to lift me and maintain a higher vibration and to keep my soul evolution progressing.

A Kundalini experience is not the end of the evolution of a physical soul connecting with the divine of higher consciousness. These spiritual upgrades keep us on track to our higher purpose, they awaken the energy to a greater inner knowing. Like anything that is progressive, it needs to be nurtured and loved. When we listen to our inner knowing and we trust the universe for what it brings forth for us, we are living in divine consciousness. We are living in higher realms of awareness that is difficult for many to understand, but is an absolute for us.

There are many types of energy upgrades that are available to us when our soul is ready for them, it is dependent on our level of awareness, our soul growth, our frequency and vibrational field. DNA upgrades are one, the twelve strand DNA has been the building blocks that are the basic structure of who we are and what we are capable of. But we are capable of much more and through spiritual awakening we can achieve much more through the connection of awakening the dormant DNA.

DNA activation is expanded awareness, living in our divinity.

It is through awareness that we can reach the higher states of dimensional frequencies that are available to us. Nothing that is given and gifted to us is a guarantee to next stages of awakening, activations and so on. It is with our will that we progress through the stages and never become expectant that more will come when we aren't fulfilling our part of the bargain. It is through a humble nature, kindness, gratitude and a willingness to see through the illusions that will bring forth higher states. A peaceful state and finding that inner calm is key.

Awakening is multifaceted and I have learned through my own experiences that we have opportunities to revisit past lessons to see if we have truly learned what we need to learn, to know that we acted in love. There is no better state than that of universal love, it is the bringer of wisdom when in true alignment.

Love/wisdom, Wisdom/love is the way.

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