Sessions from the practitioner's perspective!

It's so uplifting to facilitate a session for someone, to hold that space for them in love and light, a space free of judgement, where there is only love!

There is an undeniable linking and merging together when sessions are taking place, its a link between practitioner and client, between the client and their quantum journey, a connecting of humanity and also a connectivity to the higher realms of consciousness. What a space to work in!

I often find myself immersed in the story, feeling the emotions that the client is experiencing, it's like we go into the session together. Like I am there as they open up to themselves, it is a safe space of togetherness. I am a witnesser, an observer, a counsellor and the questioner, I am all of them, but ultimately I feel my role is the holder of space and energy. I know that whatever is shown to the client is what they need to see, feel and heal.

Through the development of a story emerging I too can see and imagine what the client is seeing, like the story is playing out in my mind. Much like it does when we read a book and we immerse ourselves in the scene.

Clearing is happening at a faster pace now

As a sensitive and intuitive person I often sense feelings and emotions alongside the client, it is my job to ensure the client is supported and that they gather all they need whilst not re-experiencing anything that would be too much for their psyche, here they are guided to step into observer mode when necessary.

I want the client to go through the emotions if that is what is needed for them, the releasing of blocked and stuck emotions from 'past' lives that are ready to be cleared now.

I see lots of crying in sessions, I am humbled to be part of this journey, honoured to walk along this path of healing with my client, knowing that they are working hard in this state to cleanse and heal. I have clients cry for lots of different reasons - realisations, past hurts, the feeling of love that takes over them, often that feeling of oneness or being with Source/God, understanding and greater knowledge, from letting go.

Not all clients experience emotions during their session, sessions are as unique as the person. But lately I'm seeing more people who are releasing and shedding past traumas, hurts, grievances and loss. The path to not only awakening, but the pathway to ascension is upon us.

Not all sessions are past lives

Some clients don't go to another lifetime - some go straight to speaking with me. This is always fun for me and I know that the client will be as excited at this prospect as I was, especially from the information that is shared. From speaking with Yeshua/Jesus, an Archangel, the fractal of being that the client is connected to, a departed loved one, faeries/elemental beings, multidimensional beings, Source, Mother Gaia. They are all available to us. There is no limit to who we are and the information available to us.

Recently I had two clients who went to or connected with Aboriginal Australia, one as an elder. Another few who found themselves in the time of Atlantis, one in the Lemurian age. Over the last few years the angels have been showing up for sessions, often emotional journeying for them as they realise their soul origin. ET beings come forth and many human lifetimes to heal and move on from.

My favourite part of a session

Often my favourite part of a session is the healing component, I feel such gratitude for the help that comes through from the higher realms. It is in this state that I too am fully in the state of being which allows me to work intuitively and at a deeper level. This year especially my abilities began to expand in this work, where I started to sense more and play a more active role.

Whether it be something in the body that needs attention, that an area of the body was showing something, knowing someone is there to communicate and standing by or through visions and messages during the session.

When we allow ourselves to be the conduit of this beautiful journeying for a client, we too become enriched in its expansiveness and ever creating awareness.

The healing part is where I work with the client's higher self and the Archangels, it is with their help that a person is in the space of such beauty and love. It is a place where miracles happen!

Session story

I had one client that had some alignment issues with their ribcage, it had occurred from a past car accident that happened a long time ago. It came up in the session, and through healing with our dear friends the Archangels, we were told that her healing would continue to occur over the coming days and weeks. A few weeks later the client contacted me to let me know that after a painful week with their ribcage they now felt better and aligned properly again! The physical nature of healing was felt and adjusted as required, this allowed the client an awareness of the process that the healing was taking place. Not all healing is done in such a way, usually it is fitting for the client, some people need that feeling that the healing is happening, some heal instantly during the session and some will reject the healing if they aren't open to being healed or believe they can be. The mind is a powerful thing, and so is trust, faith and allowance.

Speaking with the Higher Self

These are as unique as any person, only they are accessing higher wisdom and knowledge of the client and are higher density.

Some are chatty and bubbly, some are quiet and need some convincing to cooperate, some are deliberate in their choice of words, speaking only what needs to be said. Some sessions have the higher-self giving lots of guidance for the client, while others need to be prodded a little to share their own wisdom for themselves. Some need a little reminding that they brought the client here for a reason. That they can make full use of their time while the client is in a receptive state to take on what is said. It's sometimes humorous to work with such higher-selves. although mostly they rarely occur the more shall I say difficult ones. I say with love for them.

Like I said it is with the Higher-self's push that the client has found their way to a session! They have guided and prompted the idea, often with the client saying " I just stumbled across your page and here I am". It's as simple as that!

It's always lovely to ask the client's questions for them, to find the information and clarity they are seeking.

Why I do what I do

Just as people come to me for sessions asking their higher-selves what they purpose is. Mine is to help people to find themselves, to heal themselves and to know themselves. It is in every grain of my being that I will lend a hand when asked and needed, this work is my gift to humanity. I am humble to be called up and this will be part of my life's work while I am here on the earth plane. Sessions are high vibrational and lift the client and practitioner into higher consciousness, a place I love to be! :-)

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