Stepping into peace

This world is chaotic and has caused many of us to worry at some time in our life. The feelings of others often can be felt in the very veins of the human collective. Here it is the collective's fear, worry, panic, and negative emotions that cry out in the ethers lingering in the energy field. There is no better state than than of peace, of harmony, of love. Staying here more often in peace helps to bring harmony and light to the world and to ourselves. It is the alkaline versus the acidic in many ways.

Stepping into peace suggests that we have stepped out of it - Out of our natural state of being.

But we can choose where we are.

There may be moments when we step out of peace, our natural state and experience that which is the larger human condition of being lead by the mind. To be in peace is to look inward - to go always to the love we feel in our hearts.

There is much we can learn from being in and around the chaos and even to feel it to a much deeper degree, what is important is to make sure that we don't stay there. It's normal that we will at times feel some fear, some worry and some uncertainty - these now times are testament to all of those emotions. What we can do is recognise when we are here to be able to step back and regain our peace once more.

In a course of miracles it says " peace without faith will never be attained, for what is dedicated to truth as its only goal is brought to truth by faith". This is taken from the chapter named 'The attainment of peace'. My interpretation of this excerpt is that faith is the cornerstone to our very being, once we let go of the illusion of the physical, we can step forward into a 'new' paradigm that is brings through faith into peace.

My meditation starts off every day with gratitude -my thanks to the creator to have this opportunity of incarnating to serve God/Source and help humanity in whatever way I am needed. To be in trust that I am taken care of, that I shall not go through the turmoil of chaos myself - that it is not my chaos when there is calm in my heart. This fills my soul and starts my day in wellness and high vibration. There might be times I need to reconnect, to come back to this place again during my day - this is coming back to self, to calm and to harmonise.

There is much to be thankful for in even stepping into chaos even for a moment, just to see, to observe and to know the illusionary reality at play. Think 'A course in miracles'.

It's hard to see through the illusion when we're in it, when the energy is being amplified, this is where to come back to the breath is to come back to ourselves.

How we breathe when we feel fear is shallow, small breaths of quick breathing. We want to in this space show it down, deepen the breath and bring more oxygen into the lungs.

A few minutes of this can help and if we are needing an extra bit of help, try inhaling some lavender oil. I like to rub a drop or two into my hands and cup my hands together, breathing in slowly the calming aromas.

For tension headaches I like to mix rosemary and fennel oil in a roller bottle with a carrier oil. I rub this across my head and on my temples and wrists. The scent is nice and fragrant and helps to ease the feelings of tension.

I also like to work with rose essential oil, it helps with easing emotions and has a soothing aroma to calm and lift my spirits.

Connection & acceptance

To help us with compassion, love and acceptance of where humanity is right now, takes strength. We want ultimately for all to be right with the world, when it is not. It can upset us to see such discord with those around us, it is through faith, love and accepting where they are that we can remain in our peace. This may take some time for us to conquer this feeling - meditative practice will help to guide us for our own paths and role we play here in this world. Your role may be very different to mine, it is only with discernment that we can trust our own journeys.

The place of fear and chaos is helping to teach them, it is helping to teach us too, it is only a thought away from love and coming back to the heart space is always possible.

One can only step into the heart space when one has conquered that fear inside of them. For the one in fear, that fear grips them tightly. At one time or another many of us have been there.

Often realising that we worried and fretted over things out of our control, or that things worked themselves out anyway. To spend more time in peace than outside of peace is the way.

There is no way out there, from outside of us, it is only through our own inner journey of self that we can gain the clarity we need in stepping into peace. When there is peace there is a greater awareness that we have nothing to be afraid of, that we are in trust. Being in trust allows us to simply be the observer. For those in fear, this fear needs to be addressed, it can not be sidelined, or discarded - it highlights only what needs to be cleared.

What is the opposite of peace?

The black scribble represents a chaotic mind, it is the opposite feeling of a peaceful state. It is the inability to see through the illusions of life in density.

It is uncomfortable, it is feeling out of control and out of alignment. In this state - peace feels very far away and unachievable. The state of chaos is far removed from who we are at the very core of our being.

But we must work our way through the fear and pain and suffering that our mind has created, without this 'work' we may spiritually bypass the learning available in this place. A dark room is only dark until we turn on a light. And a fearful thought is only one other thought away from a path towards peace.

A peaceful inner sanctum

Here we can see whats happening - the outside world, outside forces, from a stance of truth, of knowing and strength, from a peaceful place. The peace is not outside of us necessarily but it is found inside, this is a place of just being. This inner sanctum is created by us, only we can be in charge of ourselves and what we believe.

Some don't know that they have this option, that they too can be here, in bliss.

In this space the heart expands and is ever expansive - there are no limits in a place like this. The chaotic mind will put limits on your own being, it will tell you you won't succeed, that you can't do it, that you won't win. All fearful illusions.

There are no limited beliefs in peace, only miracles.

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