The birds have a message for humanity

A few months ago I became aware that there was a message from the owls for us, I shared this on my social media - on my Facebook page 'soul stories hypnosis' and in my Facebook group 'past lives, future healing & spirituality'. I'll share it here too:

A message from the owls

Shared on August 17th

Owls represent wisdom and knowledge, so it's no surprise to me that they came through with a message - Owls spread the message of ascension because they are high dimensional animals that are overlooking the earth's ascension. They know what Gaia needs so they help us with their message to see that we are oneness consciousness. That there is life in everything. Their own fifth dimensional consciousness is a lesson and a teaching to us here, it is not only the planet that is becoming 5D, the opportunity is there for all. But with that there is work to do, it is not a free ride.

"The Earth holds the key, you only need to look within. What is within is without, and without within. As the earth heals and replenishes, you must do the same. Look to the earth for the answers as she is within you also. The consciousness is the same, in unity we share. Tap into the wisdom of her lady Gaia, she will help to release the pain. You can choose to suffer or you can choose to heal but you cannot do both. Just as there is no tomorrow without today, You must learn to walk the path of now. Release is our message to you our friends, be as free as bird. Be free".

Recently I became aware that the birds as a species had a message for us, the collective of birds had a message for the collective of humanity.

At first they showed me in my every day life how free they are, because they believe themselves to be free, that is what they are.

It is a feeling within.

They showed me how they spread their joy and how they live from joy - how they ride the waves of the wind, how they spread joy and frequency through their song and how they teach us how to be free.

I became aware of a magpie family where I live, a protective father watching over and acting for the mama bird and baby. The baby showed me life, birth and cycles.

It is springtime here in Australia, a time of rebirth, changes and growth.

A message from the birds

"We spread our love through being, we rejoice in life, we thrive in the aliveness that we feel in all things - in our bodies, in nature and in the life of all.

Humans often trap and limit themselves, wishing they were free.

Freedom is a choice.

We show you in how we live, how you too can live.

Living from a place of peace creates peace, living from a place of joy, creates joy.

It is not difficult to see that is the way, be what you wish to live".

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