The dream scape, meditative messengers and the nonsensical outside world

The meditative state allows for peace, calm and clarity - it does not trick or fool you, making you believe that what doesn't feel right or true to you as real and the truth.

The world is full of oxymorons and symbolic absurdity for those who are aware of it, let us be guided by our knowing that truth resides within us.

Look to the heart brain, this is the place where we feel the truth of what is. For those of higher frequency the heart will be the holder of truth, of trust and of knowing for you, it will be your place of believing everything will be okay because you feel it in your heart space. There is no logical answer only the God voice of feeling within. Feeling is vibration and the frequency of love is felt from this space.

Recently I was made acutely aware of how my heart space had begun its growth in the higher frequencies, I could see that outside of me there was panic, unrest and fear. Yet all I could feel within was trust. I knew everything would be okay for me - I didn't have an explanation why. Just as miracles are often a mystery and unseen, so is the feeling of heart coherence and recognition of love being all there is.

That leads me to share with you my meditation and what it showed for me:

The first thing that I was aware of was a mass of white flowers, and the word peonies popped into my mind. I was aware of a field of white flowers for as far as I could see. I was standing in the field of flowers, it was beautiful sight to behold. Although they were not peonies that my view could see, they held an important message I would later discover.

I became aware that I wasn't alone there in this place, before me stood Archangel Gabriel, he towered over me in size and in love. The white light was bright that surrounded him, and

his wings were large and embraced me in his hold. I got the words - peace, tranquility, love.

I saw that the flowers were reaching upwards, growing and reaching high to the light, they were transforming me and reaching towards me. I now saw myself with a flower chain around my head like I was wearing a crown of flowers, my dress was white, long and flowing, and flowers adorned my body.

Once my meditation ended, to which my eyes were full of tears and emotion, I saw that white peonies mean - innocence, purity, spirituality, perfection and good fortune. My message from Gabriel was 'We wouldn't allow for you to be affected'. I knew this pertained to the current chaos happening around me.

Many people find answers in their dreams, they awake to a message or meaning to the events that occurred in that dream scape. Sometimes this is true for me, but I am more likely to have a spiritual messenger appear in my meditative space, here I am most open to their energy.

It too occurs in waking time, I find the shower to be a big conductor of energy where messages flow through the conduit of water. Most likely because the water is cascading onto our crown chakra bringing us into higher awareness.

The heart space and heart brain expands as we expand, it allows a higher frequency of feeling. There are no untruths in this space, only love and wisdom can we uphold from higher awareness and calm, serenity and peace.

That is Grace.

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