The twin flame union & the tree of life

It was during my meditation that I was shown and experienced the relationship and interconnectedness of the twin flame union and the tree of life. Before this point I had never spent much time contemplating twin flames or even researched or tuned into this energy to find out more. So this was new to me. I shall share what I received in this powerful meditative experience.

I could see the forms of two beings standing in front of each other, it was a powerful union of coming together and merging the two into one. The light is illuminating and getting brighter as they do. The chakras enliven, an overlapping of vibrant colours are combining between the two beings now and blending in unity. The colours were beautiful - sending energy throughout the bodies, illuminating the light in each other.

It is a feeling of great love, heightened unification and fusion.

I am aware that they each place their hand over the heart space of the other, healing each other and bringing in the oneness consciousness and universal love. A Representation of illumination of the heart space - the place of unity consciousness.

Seeing the swirling of the chakra colours it felt very alive in its awareness state, a feeling of wakened body, mind and spirit. As the image evolved I could see the two forms now as one and the tree of life part of their very form.

The tree of light represented in my meditation the connectedness to all, the unity to the earth and out to the heavens. It really represents the universal knowledge, the universe as one within us.

It is all one in its entirety. I felt like it was showing me the higher consciousness raise as the twin flame is united. Bringing together in harmonious union the divine feminine and the divine masculine. It is a connection that fills the entire self with intensity, love and the vastness of emotion - it feels that strong, that big and that that beautiful.

The coming together of the two is alignment, anchoring into the ground and reaching into the ethers, the very nature of God. Drawing down from the higher realms the wisdom and knowing and drawing up and anchoring to the wisdom of the earth, the grounding of the physical.

It is life itself. A balance, an aliveness in the spirit of oneself.

The complementing of the feminine and masculine energies together - coming together in purpose for their union of divine universal plan.

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