Who am I? what is the higher self?

Anyone who is on the spiritual path will likely come to a point when they ask themselves,

'who am I?'

It seems a simple question at first glance, one could say

- we are all part of the one,

Expressions of God/Source/All that is,

I too would say that, I believe in the unity of consciousness and that we are more than many might realise themselves to be.

I think this is an interesting way to look at things, but it may mean that belief systems are stretched or challenged.

(The word God can be replaced with Source or anything that resonates for you), the importance and message is not in the name but the totality of what it is.

The message is ultimately that for those who are seeking,

believe you are more because you are.

An excerpt from 'Heart-centred metaphysics - a deep look at unity teachings' by Paul Hasselbeck:

"When we refer to ourselves as a son of God, daughter of God, or child of God, we continue to reinforce the misconception of an anthropomorphic God".

Pointing out that traditional thoughts about God see 'humans are 'less than'".

But what if we are more than that? What if we could bring ourselves up to the notion that we are too, Divine?

"For example: 'We are like a drop of water in the ocean that is God'.

This metaphor implies that even though we all have the qualities of God, we are not the totality of God. And it implies that a piece of God, or Divine mind, can be separated from the whole, just as a drop can be separated from the ocean.

This is impossible since Oneness is the truth".

Imagine if we started to realise that we are more than our minds?

What would that do to our consciousness level? I imagine a world where beings feel worthy of life, of universal love, and a higher frequency field of awareness beyond the physical.

I love the question "who am I?" because it starts a journey of self discovery, it's a question that is explored frequently with clients in my Quantum healing sessions. I find it a beautiful beginning point of possibilities and wonder. It opens up to a space of allowing, a readiness to knowing.

That fills my heart with joy as I write this because as practitioners we are the mediator to your awareness expanding before our eyes.

No one who asks the question 'who am I?' does so lightly in my view. I feel these people are ready to find that Divine spark within themselves on a higher level of their own consciousness.

What does it mean 'who am I?'

To that I'd answer it all depends on your level of awareness, how much are you ready to know and how far are you ready to go?

I'd recommend any who are seeking this query to reach inside their heart and connect through meditation, and feel that connection to Source.

Through heart expansion there holds the truth.

In sessions clients are always finding out more about themselves in quantum ways - past, present and future. Multidimensional is but the tip of an iceberg.

They see who they were before and possibilities of who they will become - of course time does not exist outside of this planetary sphere we are temporarily inhabiting. But in linear terms we speak here, for we are here in this space/time continuum.

Clients explore their higher self/selves - who they truly are outside of this limited physical perspective we hold here on Earth.

What is the higher self?

It is us, it is you, it is I, it is the part of us that we left behind in the spiritual non-physical realms.

Every being has a higher self, a higher level of awareness from a higher perspective. This you could say is your ascended self, the self that holds the knowledge and wisdom at a higher state of being.

So when we call upon and connect with our higher selves, we are integrating that part of us that is unseen but felt and known to us in a deeper sense.

Everyone can learn through practice and integration to connect and become more of that higher awareness through the physicality that we are.

By purely recognising that you have a higher self, you are starting to welcome in a higher consciousness level of understanding. This is the beginning point!

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