Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


I am not taking QHHT bookings at this time. Please have a look at a BQH session. BQH is a highly effective modality of healing, regression and soul exploration. 

Quantum healing hypnosis technique is the original of its kind and has inspired many people to seek past life regressions all over the world. This technique stays true to the heart of Dolores Cannon and her teaching and practising method. QHHT is conducted in-person and this will take place at Soul Stories. 

With its 1-2 hour getting to know you interview you get to know your practitioner and this helps you to feel comfortable and ready for your session. It helps to get rid of those last-minute nerves you might be feeling. 

The session itself generally lasts about 2-2.5 hours and during the time of hypnosis, your session will be recorded and emailed to you later that same day - for healing benefits it is advisable that you relisten to your session more than once afterwards. 

It is not unusual for 1-3 lifetimes to be visited, however, your Higher Self takes you to where you need to go to show you what is necessary for you. I will ask your

 list of questions to the subconscious (higher self) and we find out the answers that you seek.

Depending on your own soul story whatever comes through for you will be personal and exactly what you need. Some clients go straight to the subconscious and spend their session here, some see their guides and other beings and some spend time in a healing temple, your soul knows exactly where the best place to take you is, we trust that journey. The session is as unique as you!

When your session is complete you are welcome to stay for a short de-brief to discuss your session afterwards, this is usually about 20 minutes, and this time helps to ground you back to the earth ready to go about your day. 

Our time together is likely to be between 4-5 hours in total, so it is best to keep your day free. 

Session cost $373-

To be paid on booking of your session once a date and time are set for you.

To book a session send Kelly a message to arrange 



Many people after having one session are intrigued by the process and information they received in their QHHT session.  Some people want to find out more of their soul story and subsequent sessions allow for further exploration. 


Cancellation policy - If you are unable to attend your booking and cancel as soon as you can, we can reschedule your booking.  Refunds are not available - rescheduled appointment will be arranged for you. Refunds are at practitioner discretion.