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Kelly's Beyond Quantum Healing was amazing!

The session I had with her was effective and powerful; I felt grounded the whole time whilst in hypnosis and it was very vivid, where I could 'see' the session progress. She has a very calm and soothing voice which matches her gentle and kind personality.

I highly recommend her!

- Charmaine

Kelly goes beyond what is needed to achieve the best outcome possible! Had an amazing experience!

Thank you so much!
- Charlyn 

Kelly's Beyond Quantum Healing was beyond amazing!

My session was powerful and eye opening. I have learnt alot about myself. Kelly's voice was welcoming, calming and helped me through my progress. I felt grounded and safe while my session of hypnosis. Having a video call due to covid was great could hear Kelly very well and made sure it was as comfortable as possible. I would definitely have anouther session with Kelly. Recording was excellent and clear.

I highly recommend Kelly

- Amy

I have received two sessions with Kelly and now have such a better understanding of my life beyond here, where I originate from. It has helped me in so many ways, I had many questions which were answered to me. I would totally suggest to anyone please see Kelly and you will be amazed. She is a confident professional lady who will treat you with dignity and support

- Elaine

I am so blessed to have been able to connect with Kelly Playdon, such a beautiful soul. My journey in our session was amazing, to connect to my spirit guides, higher self. I have been given the gift of awakening, to connect and begin my own personal journey. If your looking for guidance and want to explore your who you are, then I highly recommend this amazing lady who has helped me connect, wake up and know my purpose in life.

if your reading this then you are ready to begin, its incredible, uplifting, and guided by an amazing soul.

- Wendy

This was an amazing experience, something I would definitely do again and recommend to everyone. My session was very helpful, my questions were all answered and I now have better understanding and direction. Kelly has a very calming voice and is great at what she does.

Thank you so much Kelly xx

- Maddison