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Kelly is a Level two certified  QHHT practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia.

She also is able to facilitate hypnosis online through the technique of Beyond Quantum Healing, as a certified practitioner.

Soul Stories was created in a calling to help as many people as she could through quantum healing hypnosis.

The beautiful hypnosis technique of QHHT was created and developed by the late Dolores Cannon whom you may know from the many books she wrote about 'past' life regression, including 'the three waves of volunteers' and 'between death and life'. 

After many years of dedication working alongside Dolores Cannon, the talented Candace Craw-Coldman created her own method of hypnosis that would enable clients to have their sessions online. Candace has facilitated many remote healing sessions through her online hypnosis and has created a modality that allows the world of hypnosis to be more accessible to people all over the world. 

QHHT and BQH take the client on a journey, with the healing potential of alleviating ailments, health issues and emotional baggage that the client has been dragging around with them. Session's are carefully conducted in a way that the client can feel safe and comfortable in their session with Kelly. The client's wellbeing is always the first priority and Kelly facilitates her quantum healing sessions with the utmost care for her clients. 

For QHHT clients reserve a full day for your session.

All clients receive a video recording of their session emailed that same day. 

Kelly is also a certified past-life regressionist and life between lives practitioner.

Kelly Playdon


If you would like a QHHT or BQH session  please email Kelly, she will get back to you promptly to answer any of your queries and to arrange a suitable time for your session. 

All sessions are to be paid by direct bank transfer before the session date, this holds and reserves your session date and


If you can't find the information you're looking for on the website let Kelly know and she will endeavour to answer any questions via email. 

The sample questions page may help you in the development of your questions, just remember that what you seek may not be what a previous client has wanted to know about or needed to know about, this is personal to you.

Confidentiality is strictly adhered to and your session details will not be shared with anyone. You may be asked if you would like to have your session permitted to be shared in later content (anonymous to the client's name, details and personal information). Sometimes information comes up that is helpful to the collective and can help others too. 

Kelly looks forward to hearing from you! 

Meet your practitioner and find out more about a session in QHHT and BQH

Watch the video to meet your practitioner Kelly and find out more about having a QHHT or BQH session